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A properly maintained hardwood floor can easily last a lifetime. An important part of keeping your hardwood flooring in tip-top shape is the buff and coat. Every 3 to 5 years a hardwood floor should undergo a buff & coat procedure which will extend and maintain the beauty and performance of your valuable hardwood flooring.


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A Buff and Coat, also referred to as a screen and recoat are terms used to describe the method involved in the application of a new layer of finish over the old finish on your wood floors. This process consists of using a buffer to thoroughly abrade the old finish with a screen, which is a specialized type of mesh sandpaper.

The buff and coat process is very simple:

  - First, we screen the hardwood floor surface (abrade the finish surface) this prepares the hardwood surface for adhesion of a new coat of

  - Next, we vacuum the hardwood surface using commercial grade vacuum cleaners and we tack-rag the entire wood surface to remove 
     any left over contaminants, dirt, sand or debris.

  - The final step is to apply either an oil base or water base polyurethane finish. The new finish will fill-in and remove light scratches in the
     old finish, produce a consistent sheen, make the floors easier to clean and provide a durable new layer of protection for years to come.

Finish curing time:

The job of a buff and coat, whether you elect to have one or two coats of new finish applied can almost always be completed within one day. Your wood floors can be walked-on in stocking feet by early evening the same day, furniture can be moved back in 24 hours and large area rugs can be replaced in 5-7 days. Normal traffic can be resumed in 24 hours.

The cost:

The cost of a Buff and Coat is typically 25% the cost of a full refinish. A Buff and Coat should be done every 3-5 years depending on the level of traffic on your wood floors. Maintaining your wood floors in this way will keep them looking their best and minimize the need for costly refinishing indefinitely.

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