Hardwood floor installation syracuse ny

Wood flooring comes in dozens of styles and sizes, but there are only two basic types: solid wood and engineered wood. Traditional solid-wood flooring is exactly what you'd expect: Each floorboard is milled from a piece of solid wood. Engineered-wood flooring is an all-wood, laminated plank that's manufactured from pieces of wood.

Both types of flooring come in a wide variety of colors and wood species. The specific type and style of flooring you'll ultimately choose will depend on several factors, including price, size of the floorboards, wood species, ease of installation, type of subfloor, and the room itself.

Kingdom Hardwood Floors will help you choose a hardwood floor that not only compliments your home and d├ęcor, but you will also be happy with for a long time.


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Nail Down

This is generally the best installation method if your subfloor is 3/4" thick plywood, or wood planks over joists. This is usually the most economical installation technique. This installation method is most commonly used for Solid Wood Flooring. 

Glue Down

Recent developments in adhesive technology now make gluing down solid 3/4" solid wood flooring to concrete slab feasible. Engineered flooring can be glued directly to the slab as well. Certain other types of flooring, such as 5/16" thick parquet, should be glued down even if the subfloor is wood.


Floating floors encompass a variety of engineered or laminated products. These products are very dimensionally stable, and are therefore suitable for installation in areas below grade. Engineered flooring systems such as Boen, Kahrs, Harris Tarkett, and many others, are typically made of 3 or more thin layers of plywood running in opposite directions, the top layer being a 1/32" to 1/8" thick veneer.


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