Sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors is a necessary part of any hardwood floor refinishing job.  The hardwood needs to be resurfaced so it not only looks new again, but also creates a fresh surface for your chosen stain color.  It seems like a fairly simple process right?  Well… If you want a great looking, long lasting hardwood refinish, then the answer is No.  Properly sanding and prepping a hardwood floor for refinishing actually requires a highly trained eye and detailed knowledge of woods, stains, and their specific applications.

Kingdom hardwood floors knows hardwood floors.  We’ve been working on them everyday for the last 12 years.  We know where other flooring contractors commonly  ”cut corners” with refinishing projects and we simply don’t.  The result is a higher quality refinishing job that lasts longer, and a customer that wants to come back and work with us again.

When We Sand Your Wood Floors We:

     - Carefully inspect the floor before hand.
  Looking for any obvious damaged areas, exposed nails, cracks, and if necessary
        we repair them. 

     -Type Of Stain Used Previously. 
Was it a water based stain or an oil based stain.  We need to make sure the new stain
       will be compatible.
     -Carefully Sand Your Floors. 
Using professional floor sanding machines.

       After we’ve sanded the floors we go through another round of inspecting the floor.  We vacuum the floor thoroughly so the surface              is totally dust free and then we begin applying wood filler in any areas that need it.  If requested by a homeowner we can even apply    
       wood filler to your entire floor, which usually results in the highest quality refinishing job because it fills all of the imperfections.

     -Final Sanding.
  After the woodfiller has set we can then finishing sanding your floors, the filler will be left behind in all of the low 
       spots giving you a near perfectly flat new hardwood surface.

       After the sanding has been completed your hardwood floor is ready to have several coats of stain applied.

When you use Kingdom Hardwood Floors to complete your floor refinishing project you aren’t just getting a flooring contractor. You’re taking on a partner in making your home or business look the absolute best it can, and we’ll guarantee you, that nobody will have anything bad to say about your floors!


                                           A few refinished hardwood floor jobs