wood flooring syracuse ny


hardwood floors syracuse ny

Hardwood floors may need repairs for a variety of reasons - broken boards, pet damage, water damage, walls removed, vents relocated, holes in boards, buckled flooring, etc. With the proper flooring and Kingdom Hardwood Floors expertise, repairs can be blended into the floor seamlessly.


The most common wood floor damage...

Cupped Floors
:  Cupping occurs across the width of the individual pieces of flooring. The edges are high and the center is lower. It generally develops gradually. The cause of cupped floors is moisture differential within individual pieces of flooring, usually excessive moisture on the underside of the flooring. More subtle cupping can be caused by lack of proper acclimation (this is generally permanent cupping).

Crowned Floors:  Crowning is the opposite of cupping and the center of a board is higher than the edges. Moisture imbalance is sometimes the cause of crowning if excessive moisture is introduced on the top of the floor.

Scratches:  Scratches are common to hardwood floors and are easily buffed out and resealed. However, large scratches or gouges are more severe. Wood putty and a hand sander will fix the gouge in many cases. If the gouge is large and has affected multiple boards, then they may need to be replaced.

Stains:  Most hardwood floors are sealed well enough that anything that spills onto them will not leave its mark. But sometimes stains appear on your hardwood floor if not cleaned up immediately. Sometimes your pet will have an accident and if it isn't cleaned up in time your hardwood floor will get damaged. This could happen with any kind of pet, but typically it occurs with dogs and cats.  The only way to remove stains that have penetrated the finish and wood floor is by refinishing or if needed, replacing the boards.

                                                                         Examples of Hardwood Floor Repairs